3:08PM: the bottom

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradingjournals, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. 3:08PM: the bottom?
  2. That was the precise bottom. What a show. I think I should off load here (at least partially), and would wait for them in case they come to retest the bottom.

    NQ now at 1777. Bought at the 1767 area. Great trade.

    $200 dollars per contract in less than 15 minutes of work.

  3. Let us make this thread educational as well. I have methods that attempt to time the tops and bottoms. You have seen what they did live on this thread.

    Do you attempt buying bottoms and selling tops? What do you use? What is your accuracy rate? How do you manage your trades/etc

    I wanted to start this thread with a live prediction (which you have seen take place--- see the clock of the post and match it to the market chart), because on another thread some people asked that I show what I knew rather than just state something.
  4. Actually, we have a higher low on the daily. [​IMG]