$3,000 to insure ten million in Ukrainian bonds?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jasonc, Aug 21, 2009.

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  2. It could be true....

    Same thing applies to insuring corporate bonds against default.

    Thats why Lahde, Goldman Sachs, and Paulson & Co. came out of the credit crisis looking so good. - They bought credit default risk protection for dirt cheap.
  3. Well, that's what excess liquidity, mis-pricing of risk and all of these pre-credit crunch bad things are all about... Still, while it will depend on the bond maturity, $3000 figure looks too low.

    From what I can see (attached chart is 5Y UKR Sov CDS). it was more like $14,000
  4. How does a default event in Ukrainian government debt get settled?

    In car loads of vodka, AK47 guns and women?
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    I wish if that was the case I would have been all in on Ukranian bonds years ago keeping some for myself and selling the rest on the black market - I would have been way ahead by now
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    Wow that is ridiculous and even $14,000 seems incredibly low. I dont understand how that ever looked like a reasonable amount considering the uncertainty that can appear even 5 years out.
  7. Sorry, jason, I just realized that I can't do basic arithmetic...

    Simplistically, it's just 1.4% * 10mil = $140k, rather than 14k. DUH! It's still low, obviously.

    These CDS contracts are USD-denominated, so they settle in cold, not-so-hard American dollars. Still, I like makloda's idea better...
  8. Maybe cabbages as well

    Too funny :p