$3,000,000,000,000 (trillion US $) cost

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  1. CNN Linda Bilmes -- report on this Iraq war


    Larry Lindsey, economic advisor fired over saying it would have cost $2,000,000,000, this war in Iraq

    $2,000 tax increase on every household in America just to pay for all the borrowed monies for this war, and that about $100 monthly in 2008,

    this amount is easily doubled to $200 monthly for every American household for the cost of this war....


    what were they tinking?
  2. Whoa... waaaayyyy underestimated.

    Last number I saw was that the Iraq "war" had cost every family of 4, $46,000... higher than that now.

    Didn't Prez Bush do us all a great service?
  3. Agree gnome, this number is probably under-estimated considering China and other countries are financing the war. There is a time value of money cost that may or may not have been taken into consideration. Tax payers will be paying this debt for many years to come.

  4. It seems that they intended to stick whatever incoming new Administration with:

    1) the CSD (credit swap) ticking financial time bomb

    2) the failure of the US Treasury to protect the value of the US Dollar

    3) the inspired and supported 400+% increase in Oil and Oil byproducts (heating oil, diesel, gasoline, nat gas, etc.)

    4) finally the borrowed cost of the Iraq war, beyond what was borrowed for the Afganistan war

    pretty nasty time bombs, that exploded (some) on them, much to their angst...

    we, as Americans really have to dig ourselves out of a whole lot of hockey pooh and lies and deception perpetrated upon us by those in positions of authority....

    hope we get some worthwhile straight talkers next....we're going to all need them...
  5. War spending actually boosts the economy, creating jobs and wealth, Keynesianism at its best.
  6. "War spending actually boosts the economy, creating jobs and wealth, Keynesianism at its best."

    You are the same idiot who is saying katrina hurricane was good for economy. If so, why don't you just wipe out the whole united states?

    If war was so good, why don't people just make a global war every year?

  7. what made this news report so note worthy, is just the opposite....

    the CNN Report by Ali Belshi in talking with the author made the specific references to just why the normal logic of war being good for the economy, was not true in this case.

    we have had more ill done to us from those within, than could have been wrecked upon us from those without (outside the US, such as terrorists or others)
  8. The central banks are the ones who gain. Print money for free. Loan it to America at interest. Then collect the interest thru payroll tax.

    Such a burden on our society.
  9. toc


    'what were they tinking?'

    Americans elected GWB twice..........wonder what were they thinking?
  10. What was the choice... Kerry? Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich? "Better the Douche you know"?

    A President is SUPPOSED to "promote and support the country and the best interests of its people".

    Bush promoted HIS OWN AGENDA... at GREAT EXPENSE to the people. It would be difficult for a President to do worse... :mad:

    When there are debates about "Who was the WORST President?", Bush's name should be high on everyone's list.
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