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  1. as some of you may know, 2xWorldChampion has been sporadically giving out bits and pieces of his stock market "riddle." lol let's figure it out...where's darkhorse or chasinfla? ;)

    part 1:

    "a real low
    added to a hidden high
    will skip the next hidden low
    to discover the real high

    one day, a scientist sitting on top of mount everest will ponder the markets and discover the answer to the above riddle.

    There is an answer. It is indeed correct and indeed simple. So much so that I had to post it in the form of a riddle, so as not to make it too easy."

    part 2:

    "to find the peak i define,
    the hidden bottom as above
    while the top as below
    between the two there is nil
    reverse the riddle to find the trough."

  2. added

    adj : combined or joined to increase in size or quantity or scope; "takes on added significance"; "an added attraction"

    part 3 to the riddle

    when a butterfly flaps it's wings in China,
    a tornado carves a path of destruction in Mexico.
    but for all the tornado's fury,
    it only ammounts to a small wave in Hawaii.
    And so it goes for the real low and the hidden high
    to find the peak, apples must fly.
  3. hehehe,

    be my guest.

    thats all the riddles I got. Anything else, and I'd just be giving candy away.

    in case any one really tries to figure this out, the riddles describe a pivot formula that is exact to the nth decimal.

    in otherwords, it's possible to know the exact low and the exact high in any given time frame.

    the formula is plain as jane in riddle 1. The variables are in riddle 2. And the semantics are in riddle 3.
  4. Hendrix


    Sounds like he's on some sort of chaos theory trip.

    I believe he is trying to say something like "Adding some sort of reactionary low (maybe from a lesser time frame (hence the Mandelbot reference)) to a major low gives you the next peak of the time frame you are interested in". All sounds a bit Fibonacci-ish if I'm on the right track.

    Holy catfish Batman.......could it be that the Riddler has just invented....pow....splat....kapow.......The Wave Theory??

    Any comment 2x?

  5. MUChris



    2x is saying here that the formula gives us the exact high and low in any given time frame. Think about this, he hasn't said anything about future prediction, only retrospective analysis.

    What he is offering us a monkey could do, point to the high and low on a chart.
  6. Necessary but not sufficient...
  7. confyoozus say:

    he who take challenge from fool win honor of feeling like tool
  8. MUChris, the formula is predictive.

    Hendrix, there is no fibonacci numbers involved. However, fibonacci uses similar methods.

    darkhorse, coming from you, i'll take that as a compliment

  9. blame the japanese. ten years ago or so my cousin and i were playing this game 'kid chameleon' on nintendo (or was it sega?) for sixteen hours straight. at one point we had something like 55 lives saved up. the game has something like 100 plus levels but supposedly the only way to get to the end was to level jump in a certain path, i.e. you can't go straight through. after playing that stupid game from sundown to sunup and going over the same places twenty times over it dawned on us that sadistic programmers might have been playing a trick on us and/or that even if there was an ending, at that point we no longer cared. that little exercise taught me a lot about cost/benefit analysis, though i am obviously still learning as i am posting actively on elite once again....
  10. which game was it, i probably played the same one. I remember quite often sitting, eating, and sleeping in front of soul possessing console.

    The cost expended in figuring out the riddle would only be brain power. The benefits of having the formula to the market, well, even George Soros would drool.
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