2X2 quad monitor stand for HP LP2475w

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  1. im looking for a 2X2 quad monitor stand for 4 HP LP2475w 24" monitors. ive seen a few stands online but i was curious to know what would you guys say is the best, im looking for quality - price isnt very important. i found this one;


    but $330 seems really cheap?

    i think i would feel safer with a 2 leg stand instead of 1. i also dont mind drilling the stand into my table. the reason im cautious is because i live in cali and we are somewhat earthquake prone. i was thinking ethier drilling the stand to the table or somehow getting fishing line and running it through the stand and securing the stand to hooks in the wall. my biggest fear is this stand tipping over and my monitors breaking, that would be a huge pain in the ass because i would loose a few days of trading waiting for new monitors to come. thanks ahead of time!
  2. also another thing, i have heard that there are some stands that never line up perfectly. im not a neat freak, but i would like the screens to be somewhat even. also its very important that i can angle the screens.
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    I have the same setup you're talking about - four HP LP2475w monitors in a 2x2 configuration.

    I went to a company here in the UK, who sell mounts made by Vision Pro. I am using the EMVP322 http://www.ergomounts.co.uk/emvp322-visionpro-300-series-multiple-lcd-monitor-stands.htm

    It works well, but it was a bit fiddly to set up initially. The weight of the monitors was causing them to sag on the ball-joint mounts. However, when I went back to Ergomounts they said if I remove the quick release backing plate that comes with the HP monitors I would be fine, and they were right. The backing plate meant the monitors were sticking out too much from the mount and acting as a lever. I hope that makes sense.

    They are adjustable and you can arrange the monitors any way you like - I have mine angled inwards slightly.
  4. chuckie, thanks for the reply!

    few questions -

    by any chance do you have any pics of your set up?

    could you let me know if its possible to angle the bottom 2 inwards and then have the 2 ontop angled inwards and down?
    ive never used a 2x2 setup like this so im not exactly sure if its possible

    one of the things ive been thinking about is the LP2475w monitors are pretty heavy (heavier than the previous cheaper monitors ive used). so i really dont want to get a poorly made stand that will break or tilt.

    the ergomounts emvp322 stand looks nice but i dont think they will ship to the US
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    One thing that may be worth considering is 2 vertical 2-monitor stands instead of a single 4-monitor ones. If you opt for desk fitting and not free standing base, these will be easier on the desk.
  6. could you show me a picture by what you mean? my desk is solid, im not too worried about that. my goal is to find a good quality solid 2x2 stand, i really dont want to buy some flimsy pos
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    I don't have any pictures, but I am sure I could try to take some. I'll need to look into what I need to do.

    Yes, the weight of the monitors was an issue when I'd left the quick release mounts in place. Because this meant the monitors 'protruded' away from the stand they were acting like a lever casuing them to sag on the ball-joints. Removing the quick release brings the monitor in closer to the mounting plate and it's no longer an issue. Have you got your monitors yet? If you have, you'll know what I mean.

    I don't know whether they ship internationally, but I am sure they would do if you contacted them. Or maybe you could contact them to see where Vision Pro stuff is available in the States.

    Each monitor can be adjusted independently. In fact, I have mine set up like you have suggested. The top monitors are angled slightly downwards aswell as inwards. They're on a ball joint so you can angle them exactly how you like.
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    Hopefully this will work
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