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    anyone trading ahead of these numbers. Could get volatile.
  2. Buy b4 the fed

    selloff b4 meeting is good because it puts less presure on the markets
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    no trades yet for me, when the dow was off around 50 I was going to pick up some long positions, glad I didnt. I might now at dow 12490
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    I like the excuses they give for the pullback:

    NEW YORK, April 11 (Reuters) - U.S. stocks fell further on Wednesday, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down nearly 100 points, as concerns about economic and earnings growth hurt sentiment.
  5. They're completely lost.

    One day: "Gold Gains on speculation that high inflation will spur need for hedge investments."

    Next Day: "Gold loses ground on concerns high inflation will cause Fed to hike and tighten liquidity."

    Yesterday, despite the DOW posting a 6 or 8 point gain, the news headline was "DOW rises for 8th consecutive day, most winning streak since 2003".
  6. Whenever things are this odd, in terms of data and its interpretation....
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    ... it's time to buy the dips (risk free $$$ 100% up room to go)?
  8. Who cares what the talking heads are saying for why the market is moving?!?!?!?

    As long as it's moving is all I care about.
  9. Very nice rebound..nasdaq up .4% from daily lows

    this is the same kind of bullish trading ativity we saw during the rally from August-Dec. The buyers simply wont let the market drop too much before reboudning it. Shorts get squeezed as thousands of them cover.
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