2nd to last post as "Gordon Gekko" ever.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. this is my 2nd to last post as GG ever. my next and final post as GG will be when i have made $1,000,000 FROM THE MARKET and can verify it. $1,000,000 is not my ultimate goal, although that will be the next and final update. i don't care if it takes me 1, 5, 10, 20 years, or more. way too many people here do not respect me under this name because i have been honest about all my trading problems.

    to those that doubt me, you WILL be proven wrong.

    I AM NEVER GOING TO LEAVE ET. i will ALWAYS be here under another name, although i will not say who i am. i will not reply to this thread no matter what anyone says. please do not PM me.

    everyone that has ever helped me, i sincerely thank you.

    TO ALL THE FRUSTRATED NEWBIES: it was not long ago that i was at the lowest point of my life (http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18643&). less than 2 months later, i am the most confident i have ever been. if you really want to do this, DO NOT GIVE UP EVER.

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    GG you seem like a decent guy, so please do not take this personally.

    I am willing to bet 50 bucks that this is not his second to last post, or third or fourth.......anyone want a piece?
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    If you weren't such an ass, you would have left the Gordon Gekko name a year ago when some people suggested it.
  4. You need help from a professional. Anyone who has tried to offer help to you in the past has regretted it - mainly because of your arrogance and refusal to listen to reason.

    I doubt this will be your next to the last post, as you seem to constantly need attention like a two year old.
  5. You CAN leave ET. It is too easy to get caught up in message forums with trying to prove yourself to the detractors. There are ALWAYS detractors, not just on this message forum, but on most others.

    You CAN let it go, and DO NOT need to prove yourself to these strangers.

    And of course these same strangers always want to mock your resolve by claiming you will break your vows. So then you're doubly stuck trying to prove to them that you really did mean what you said.

    Screw them, they have no right to exert any control over your life whatsoever.

    Finally, don't try to succeed for the sake of showing them you could. Keep succeeding for your own sake, and not worrying about whether your success will match a timeline or a dare.

    There are PLENTY of successful traders who have never even heard of Elite Trader. Remember that.
  6. So what you are really saying is that this is, indeed, your last post?
  7. He's just saying that he's too embarrassed to "try" to be Gordon Gekko...

    $1,000,000 out of the market... heh...

    $5,000 account... I guess we'll meet "Gordon Gekko" in 10-20 years... considering he's still trying to trade without going to a firm... or getting any kind of outside help.
  8. it's been fun listening to you wallow in what is no more than self-absorbed pity and a grasp for attention... sprinkled with varying manic episodes describing how you will maybe try again to make NOT 25K-50K... (all because you likely made a couple bucks in a huge bear market rally recently)........... ........ but rather... describing how you will make A MILLION DOLLARS... ! The magic number for dreamers!

    How sophomoric and self-indulgent. It's fine to dream large and aim high... but anything worth having takes time... maybe at your age you can't see that yet! Too bad.

    Reality is overrated isn't it GG??! Do you not know you have not done well. You have lost. SO how do you propose to make 1M when you can't make 20K?! LMAO

    You are too weird, bro... but hope you make your pipe dream. :eek:

    But first, let us all know when you make your first 1500 and keep it in the bank!




  9. Put so well Ice. Sadly what you wrote above will be GG's chronic undoing unless he gets it resolved. All the training in the world will not help such a psychological picture.
  10. I always liked GG, except for that night he viciously attacked Magna.

    Good luck, GG. I hope you attain your goal.
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