2nd term for Obama - Marijuanna

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Legalize it and ge reelected ( no Jail for Junkie )

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  1. May work

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  2. May not work

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  3. minor issue... no value.

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  1. Legalize it and hewill be reelected.
    what's your opinion ?
  2. All drugs should be legalized, and then taxed and regulated.
    Get a nice big drop in crime, a huge cut in the cost of jails and law enforcement, and a big rise in tax receipts, all in one fell swoop.
    And I could grow the stuff in my raised bed, right next to the corn.
  3. those voted "may work" are clearly smoking weed.

    Sherlock Shortie Out :cool:

    Legalize it and ge reelected ( no Jail for Junkie )
    May work 3 37.50%
    May not work 0 0%
    minor issue... no value. 5 62.50%
    Total: 8 votes 100%
  4. you think the police lobby would ever allow that.. imagine the millions of jobs in law enforcement/ prison security lost..

    its more likely for them to criminalize cigarettes and alcohol to increase prison populations and crime statistics "shovel ready" employment.
  5. Imagine the millions of jobs created in marijuana business.... the economic gain would far surpass that of what would be lost in the decrease of law enforcement/prison jobs.


    Is money all that matters?

    Besides.... he could spin it in a way that would look great for getting us out of debt.

    I don’t understand why you would believe jobs, paid for my tax payers, would be better than the many more created in the open market....

    Edit: oh by the way.... prisons are over crowded as it is.
  6. The usa imprisons more people per capita and more in absolute numbers than any nation on earth.
  7. Still plenty of whacks walking around.:confused:
  8. Around the year 1900 just about every drug under the sun was legal. The rate of those addicted to drugs during this time comprised 2-5% of the entire country. That rate is much higher than it is today. Correlation? I think so.

    Somehow I have problem agreeing with the statement that the legalization of all drugs would reduce crime when that legalization would create another 8-15 million addicts.
  9. But what is it that they're addicted to?
    What I mean by that is this: during Prohibition, alcohol became much more dangerous. You didn't know what was in that drink.
    We also know, of course, that Prohibition made criminals out of lots of people who would not otherwise have been criminals.
    If you legalize drugs, there is no reason why you couldn't have the same effect: the drugs that are illegal now would be more benign, as under regulation they would be graded as to strength in the same way that alcohol is, and you would know that marijuana cigarette you're tokin' didn't have crazy additives in it that could do lethal harm to you.
    This would be exactly as it is with alcohol now: you could drink a beer, or you could drink Bacardi 151. In both cases, you know exactly what you're in for.
  10. If addictive drugs become legally regulated then they would become more accessible. Would 25% of the country be obese if the only way they could get fattening food was through drug dealers? I doubt it.

    Now compare the psychological and physical addiction power between food and hard drugs. You have to be insane if you think food is more addicting than heroin. Now imagine what our already pitiful society would turn into if all drugs were legal. If 25% of the country is dumb enough to get addicted to food then just imagine.

    If society had a low overall addiction rate to food, tobacco and alcohol than I would definitely agree with the legalization of drugs. However this country is already addicted up to their eye balls so advocating additional legalization is just completely reckless.
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