2nd SYS Trading Computer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Trader5287, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Just ordered my second trading machine in 2 years from SYS. My first basically followed Baron's suggestions and held up well under continuous operation. Did blow a harddrive and one fan was a little noisy. That machine runs 6 17' monitors Athlon & Matrox450s. On this new machine, which will be max 4 monitors for use in my home, I asked Tony Sunley at SYS and my own computer guy to update any stuff that has changed. Save for looking at a quieter motor, they basically said get the same machine. It turned out to cost a little less - around 1,200 or so w/o monitors .

    I could not navigate DELL, Gateway or IBM which is why I went to SYS and I insist on a WIN 2000 machine - no XP. Tony answers my email promptly and is responsible for my machine. I like that. 3 days back and forth with details, they build her, I take delivery in maybe 7 days. My helper runs a third, smaller SYS machine that has been flawless in a separate biz.

    So if you aren't a techno and want personal attention to build solid business machines you might want to check out sys.com. These aren't for music, gaming and fooling around - they are what you would want vital employees to use.

    That's my plug for the SYS alternative. The company deserves it. Questions PM me or talk to my guy at sys tsunley@sys.com


    PS: On my hardrive warranty claim on my first trading machine, the drive was airborn that night and copied and running a day and half later by my computer guy on this end.
  2. bought a SYS several years ago that still runs great. quality product, lots of options for custom config at competitive prices. definitely worth at least a look next time your in need.