2nd monitor issue and moving between screens

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  1. I added a 2nd monitor to my other trading computer, and am having issues having the mouse pointer move logically to that monitor. Initially they came up as side by side, and thus if I moved the mouse so the pointer went out the side it came in the side of the new monitor. I have the 2nd mounted above due to space restrictions. If I switch the orientation in the display menu of windows(7) the pointer will move out the top to the other monitor, but I now can't move pieces of the workspace up to that monitor, whereas when it showed side by side I could move a chart or whatever out the side to the other monitor.
    What am I missing to allow me to move pieces of the workspace up when I change to that display orientation in the Display menu of Windows? The mouse will go to the top, but I can't move items to it for some reason.
    Thanks, and hopefully I am making sense. It is a small item, but when I am trading I prefer the logic of moving to the next screen that is above by going up.
  2. Figured it out. I made my 2nd display my main display, and can now move up and down.
  3. Nevermind, I can't move from the tor screen to the bottom. #$@%@ annoying computers.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. 1. What is "tor screen"?

    2. Physically rearrange monitors

    3. Perhaps your OS is hosed in the part relating to "extended desktop". Suggest doing a fresh OS install.
  5. I posted a response, when I did you said you fixed it, so I deleted my post. Now I have an appointment and have to leave, sorry.

    You're in good hands here, I'm sure help is on the way. :)

    I know some charting programs only allow you to move around within "THEIR" desktop, NOT outside their borders. If that is the case you would need to re-size THAT programs desktop to your new configuration.

    So can you for instance open two tabs in Google Chrome and drag one to your #2 monitor? Or does EVERYTHING stay within the borders of the #1 monitor? I have to leave,,,, :(

    have you rebooted after re-setting the layout??
  6. In Control Panel>Display there should be a monitor layout window where you can drag the monitors to whatever relative position you want. My graphics cards came with a program called Catalyst which does the same thing, and that's what I use to make any monitor adjustments. But my control panel shows the same monitor layout window, so hopefully that's what you have.

    Edit: Sorry, I failed to mention that adjusting the relative position of the monitors in the way I descibed above is how you change the way the mouse moves between them, in case that wasn't obvious. :)
  7. Sorry again ... just realized the idiocy of my previous post after re-(/actually)reading your problem. Don't have an answer for you other than maybe taking it back one step at a time to where you COULD transfer items across monitors, but not in the desired direction. Maybe try various new configurations to see if any of those work (items are moveable) then strategize from there.
  8. I'm assuming it's a typo for "top screen."

    Quote,,,,,,, "I can't move from the tor screen to the bottom."

    Any progress, taclander ?
  9. OP:

    Do all of these things being logged in as an Administrator

    In XP, right click on your desktop and go to Properties. From there go to Settings tab and fix the resolution and orientation of the monitors. Click OK, keep changes, etc. Reboot to confirm settings stuck.

    In W7 go to the screen resolution tab and do the same thing as above.

    Are you trying to use some fancy 3rd party screen saver application or desktop spanning application? If so uninstall that crap and start over with just the Windows XP/7 Operating System.
  10. Nothing fancy, just Win 7. Didn't think about shutting down and rebooting. I'll give that a try after I reset it again to top and bottom. Yes, tor was top. I was trading and not editing posts.
    Should have checked Sunday before opening this morning. Irritating either way. Why can't these things read my mind yet? :))
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