2nd Debate:Obama trying to be aggressive

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  1. Obama chewing at Romney like an attack dog.
  2. LEAPup


    Damnit Mitt, stop stuttering, and go beat ocommunist's ass!!!!! Where's the damned coffee and red bulls you had the first debate?!?!? Shit!!!!! Strap on a pair, and destroy this communist bastard who's destroyed this Country! Jeez!!!!! The evidence is laying everywhere! Pick it up, and USE IT!!!!!:confused:
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Doesnt help that Crowley is letting Obama finish every question and making Romney fight for the last word.
  4. Obama is hitting Mittens really hard. Mittens is underwater.
  5. Personal attacks by Obama on Romney taxes again.:mad:
  6. On washington post when the President speaks, agree goes up. When Mittens starts speaking, the curves heads down. He is really in trouble.
  7. I feel for you Mitt.. :p
  8. LEAPup


    It's obvious this shriek piece of shit liberal bitch is throwing this to ocommunist!:mad:

    This is 75% ocommunist and 25% Romney under her "moderation.":mad:

    Un fucking real!!!!!!!!! :mad: the msm has once again gotten their way, and I sit here stunned at the unfairness, and this moderator basically coming close to dropping to her knees and blowing the communist in chief!:mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. Moderator is seriously terrible.....she keeps cutting Romney short
  10. I have never seen a Presidential debate where the animosity of the candidates for each other is so evident. It looked like Obama was getting ready to deck Romney.

    Obama 10 Romney 8.

    LEAPup...get real. Honkey, please! Blow the Commie in chief? As man ugly as Crowley is, she wouldn't even blow you in her most charitable mood.
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