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  1. Hi

    i just find these coachings websites , i'd like to have some comments about them.

    If there are some clients , or ex , i will appriciate all informations .

    thank you
  2. It's all ripoff's, anyone dumb enough to give them their money deserves to lose.

    The "dumb money" keeps all these scams in business.
  3. whats the name of the site?
  4. K-Rock


    You should explore all the free options first before paying for a service. For example the following:

  5. zxcv1fu


    I think the site is: http://www.2hoursaday.com/

    They used to have a paltalk chat room. As soon as entering their room, it will pop up the real chat room with charts, etc.

    I have been following for several weeks before; but do not think it improves my trading performance. Money talks, the rest can walk in my book. They are making lots of money to educate. Do not know how the students do. Their performance does not impress me.

    Take a free trial to check for yourself. Invest your time before you invest your money!
  6. what does this have to do with millenium traders?