2b patterns

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  1. where can i find more info of thos?

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    I think it was Victor Sperandeo in his first book that coined the term.

    Methods of a wallstreet master... is the name of the book, I believe....

    Allthought written in the eighties it still is one of the best books around, if only for the 2b and the correct (consistent) way of drawing trendlines...
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    I have no affiliation with the site but here is what a 2B looks like.

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    Not to nitpick but actually Richard Wyckoff first came up w/the "2B" sometime around the 1920's, except he called it an "UpThrust", and its opposite, which he referred to as a "Shakeout".

  5. Interesting, when I look at the Dacharts example I see Elliott Wave, a possible ABC Correction, a fibo number series Bar Count of 3, 5, 5 suggesting a new high to follow.
  6. worked on bbby today. 1 minute chart
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    EWT it has to many possiblitis for me but then, I think there are easyer way to trade.

    Thanks to all, for the info

  8. EWT correctly predicted 13 of the last 8 market tops.:D

    It's a croc don't waste yr time
  9. Poor workmen always blame their tools.
  10. wallace if EWT was so great dont you think mr Neely would be the ritches man on earth. Many people sees him as the best on EWT.

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