29 out of 34 days = up, 85%%%

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  1. S2007S


    29 out of 34 have been up

    23rd record closing since Jan 1st 2007.

    45th Record Dow close since October 2006.
  2. big bull market moooooo

    Thats what happens when you have a bull market

    It allstarted in June 2006 during the big selloff

    so much negativity. So much doom and gloom. Market decided that enough was enough and that it was time to buy again. The dimwitted fed finally cut rates and stopped being so transparent. Maria kept her mouth shut (on TV anyway) and oil prices fell.

    it was the catalyst for a bull market.

  3. I wouldn't want it any other way.
  4. S2007S


    started June 2006, what are you talking about???????

    it started in

    OCTOBER 2002.


    THIS BULL MARKET HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR NEARLY 5 STRAIGHT YEARS WITHOUT A 10% correction. Bull markets dont last forever, remember that. The bear does show up eventually.

  5. Hello, its called Elite Trader.......... now what are you doing here?
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    Too many new people come here complaining, dont know if they change their screen name though once a month like 90% of the people here.
  7. Good call bro. We should all stop complaining about all the excess free money and just enjoy it!!!! $$$ :D
  8. You are an amazing record keeper.
    Do you actually TRADE to???

  9. Lemme help a brotha out.

    You see SPX ending 1514? well, the only easy way they can run past 1515 is afterhours tonight. So get your grubby little hands and buy about 2-4 contracts of ES (just in case you're wrong) and watch it touch 1520+ for easy money.

    Rinse and repeat.

    don't say I never tried to help you, commander_girl.

  10. Ronin#100


    It is all bears in ET cribing, and trying to remind the bulls that it has been a long time since we started going up and their turn is up.

    But the bulls wont hear any of it. Good for them so far.

    So the bears are very angry.(Ask morgan stanley, they've been crying stuff like the last one year has been a shallow bull market etc ).

    But the bears can chill it really. Afterall to be fair to the bulls they have this fairplay history behind them. They have this habit of not hearing bad news not only when it is a bear rant but also when it is real.
    so for all the distraught bears in Et here is some words of comfort. "the longer the wait the more worthy it would be". :D
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