29% gross or 65% net?

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Which is better?

  1. no commissions and paid 29% of gross profits

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  2. .0075 cents per share commission rate and paid 65% of net

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  1. If you had to pick one, which would you pick?

    1. no commissions and paid 29% of gross profits
    2. .0075 cents per share commission rate and paid 65% of net


    Which is better and under what circumstances? Is one clearly better or does it depend on the traders trading activity?

    Thank you.
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  3. Would you rather get kicked in your left nut or your right?

    Those "deals" are a joke, right?
  4. Well, if you had to choose one, which would you choose? These numbers are based on putting up no capital to trade.
  5. mizer


    If your going to be scalping they're both garbage if your postion trading with nice BP then ok
  6. That deal makes no sense.

    I'm at a firm where I pay 68 cents per execution, and am going to be paid 60% of my net and have 100 to 1 buying power with 1k deposit. If I do well after the first two months a better contract will be agreed upon.

    I don't see how either of those deals that are offered even relate to day-trading.

    If under no circumstance you will have to pay any losses, it could be great to learn at for a few months, and I know a few swifties who I have talked to who have been there and left and are now doing well at other places.

    They better offer training, absolutely no risk to you, and be a good reliable firm.

    If your position trading, it seems reasonable to take the higher payout, just as mizer said, but under the stipulation that you have no risk.
  7. What firm is that? Please PM me the info.
  8. No commission and 29% of gross profits? Do you have to pay regular SEC/Gateway fees?

    Im sure you can come up with some BS gross profit strategy and clean up paying no commission if its SEC/gateway free.
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    sounds like the shonfeld deal. --its not bad at all considering all the other things u get(BP, overnite and intraday) and such. too many people on this site dont look at the big picture, they think that getting best commision structure means ur gettng the best opportunity.
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    With those payouts you are also getting a salary and huge buying power. Position trading primarily, not scalping.
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