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  1. I usually start with a $26K account, blow up, fund another one, don't know how many accounts I have blown up, maybe 5 or 6, but this is my last one. Only got $286 left.

    I scalp mes, how many days can I last? Believe it or not, I still believe I can make a turn.

    One post per trading day.
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  2. Reminds me of the poker axion of "chip and a chair"... so long as you've got a seat at the table and a chip to bet, it's still possible...
  3. Nobert


    Hey hurricane,
    that's about ~2% left...

    >>> Pause >>> hope it's not a troll post >>> Pause >>>

    Would consider myself optimistic & would never suggest quitting, but you should re-orientate into long term investing/swing trading.

    Buy some books with those $286.
    Start with William Oneil's ,,How to make money in Stocks''.

    At least, there's some ,,hope'' in that path.
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  4. wrbtrader


    What can you trade with $286 dollars ???

    Penny stocks ?

    I recommend you stay away from the markets...use that money to buy some medical masks and medical gloves just in case the Pandemic gets worst.

  5. smallfil


    Man, you are a glutton for punishment. You should have learned about risk management after the first or second blowout. Then, you would have had a chance to comeback. Learn to trade first, using risk management. "Most traders enemy is right before them in the mirror, it is thee."
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  6. NQurious


    If you don't bet, you can't win. If you lose all your chips, you can't bet. - Victor Sperandeo
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  7. trdes


    He must be with AMP futures if it's a real post, there one of the few brokers I know where that's enough to cover even the day trading rate.
  8. danielc1


  9. I don’t think you can make some with that. You should have 10-15k to start for my opinion.
    Any other thoughts?
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  10. Nobert


    He should stop thinking about making/earning/flipping/turning/betting and focus on learning & risk management/capital preservation.

    We don't know the time period, of how fast those 5-6 accounts blew up. Maybe too fast, to learn anything of use. Everything above, should be done in demos/sims.

    Could start with less than you mentioned, but, not in this case. In this case OP just has to stop.
    Make a pause of few months. Maybe a year.
    Regroup. Make a new plan. Look at the reality with fresh eyes.
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