28-day meditation challenge

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  1. I did this 28-day meditation challenge last year, and highly recommend it if you are interested in meditation. They will even send you a guide that is, imo, the best out there. And, it only takes a few minutes to read.

    Best of all, it is all F-R-E-E.
  2. the hardest thing to do is nothing, even if it is just for 5 minutes a day
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    I second their free guide, it got me going. Didn't do the 28-day challenge, but might try this Feb. I meditate about 4x a week now.
  4. I can verify that regular meditation (even if at first if you don't understand what you are doing) can completely change your life for the better

    but over time it is hard, and the cares of the world take over
  5. i'll meditate when i'm dead..

    till then, i'm staying wide awake

    can't make $ while half asleep
  6. yes, it is very difficult to shut down periodically on a regular basis. Even if you know the maintenance can give you a clearer picture of the market
  7. Thanks for the info, starting day 1
  8. requested the literature.

    The mind is indeed a wonderful tool and a terrible master. I have to remember that quote. I experienced that in trying to improve my pool shooting. I was playing alone a lot, just learning to shoot. I was doing things that were impossible because nobody had told me! People watched me and marveled at some of the shots but they also gave me the unconscious idea that it was not possible and my skills deteriorated...
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    Be careful, reading the posts by the angry (failed?) traders here can have the same effect. :p
  10. excellent observation
    it can go the other way also
    In my case, I've noticed that even just casual association with successful people can kind of rub off on me
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