28% CAP GAIN TAX WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

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  1. Vote republican unless you want to get scalped by the dems!

    Democrats think that 28% capgain is gonna help the middleclass, Ummmm No.

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  3. Wall street Journal. Yesterdays paper the article titled "Democrats Outline Tax Approach" Sept 19,2007
  4. Nothing sucks worse than this time of year. Sept 15 is my estimated quarterly.....and Oct 15 is my deadline for my KEOGH account.

    Anyone on this board actually make any money?
  5. House Finance Committee Chairman Charles Rangel has made it a priority to raise the cap gains rate to ordinary income level. That is just not even debatable. Democrats have three main objectives in tax policy, namely reduce the bite of the AMT on middle class taxpayers (which republicans also support), raise cap gains rate to ordinary income levels and raise marginal rates to Clinton-era levels or above. They have made a big show of attacking the indefensible hedge fund "carried interest" tax dodge, but nothing has come of it, since hedge fund managers have paid a lot of protection money to the democrats. They also want to reinstate punitive death tax rates and remove the tax break for dividends, among other proposals.

    If you think taxes are too low, vote Democrat.
  6. both of these parties suck. there's unfortunately no chance i'd vote for anyone planning to raise cap gains
  7. I agree with both statements.
  8. that's cool, we don't get to do that very often. in my ideal world we'd have a real fiscal conservative who's socially liberal or at least fairly moderate leaning

    from what i know about him, i think bloomberg would fit the bill pretty well. not sure if he's running, he's not is he