$27 Billion In Fed Money, Levered 30x into the markets?

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    Primary Dealers Prepare To Invest $27 Billion In Fed Money, Levered 30x Over The Next Month, To Buy High Beta Names

    ...Here some may ask what's the point in fighting the Fed's almost daily stock ramping, and they may well be on to something: the New York Fed has just disclosed it will buy $27 billion in Treasurys between mid-Sept and mid-October. Using the Basel III blessed 30x leverage, this money, once it makes its way to the Primary Dealers, should be sufficient for a $750 billion leveraged push higher in risk assets. And just to prove that point, there will be a POMO on both Wednesday and Thursday. You didn't think a politically "impartial" Fed would allow a market crash before the mid-terms now, did you?