26 trades/contracts all green

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  1. But in paper account.
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  2. what sys generated this result please?
  3. Sorry, I do not talk about the system. You should not talk about yours neither. Just like we do not let others touch our women.
  4. what is your point here, you tease us but won't please us
  5. No, to show what is possible. Sorry.
  6. Its more believable thats its possible with REAL money not sim. Come back again.
  7. It is important to recognize the limitations of paper trading. Professionally, I was a software engineer, so I analogize paper trading as running a prototype or beta testing software. It's good for getting out the "big" bugs and establishing that it does not crash and burn during testing. Some of the limitations include getting order fills, even if the instrument passed through your limit price. Sufficient quantities to fill your order, even if your price is met, is not considered by the trading platforms with which I am familiar. There are other differences, but you get the idea.

    Only when you go into production, trading with real money, does the logic of your system get a real world test.
  8. Point is taken. Thanks.
  9. Ah man, sorry bro they just got done handing out the Nobel's. :(
  10. he qualifies for the La Douche award
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