26 QE's

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  1. I just read that in the last 2 decades, Japanese central bank executed a total of 26 QE's in the attempt to get out of its long recession.

    just FYI.

    Can we get to Dow 80,000? this is not a joke.
  2. Japanese were very careful not destabilize financial market

    nothing like 600 bln

    their QE were 50 bln as most.
    still bankrupted the country and put it into the ZIRP trap
    but it took them 20 years

    Basically that didn't work so Fed decided it's still good idea but they need much more to make it work
    so Fed bankrupted the country in just 2 years
  3. Locutus


    haha well by that timeline it should all blow up right around the same time. Add to that the China real estate bubble and the European debt crisis, the Middle Eastern crisis (which I believe is yet to fully develop) and there literally is no place on earth that won't have major major issues in the coming decade.

    Also Japan is a lot smaller than the US.
  4. So, in that case. We have at least 20 years before this country Implodes....plenty of time to continue building my network.