26% of Brits have shit on their hands.

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  1. This is really something I do not get. Why don't people wash their hands? I'm a total freak about washing my hands. I will also actually wash my hands BEFORE I go to the bathroom too. And heaven forbid if I end up in a bathroom that only has those electric hand dryers and no paper towels. I cant open the door to get out because I know I would be touching the same handle as 1000s of others that DIDNT wash their hands. In those cases I have to get toilet paper or those paper seat covers. Once I found myself in a bathroom without toilet paper and without those paper seat covers and no paper towels. Luckily I only had to wait about 5 minutes before someone else came in that time, but I easily could've been in there for half an hour.
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    Nothing an ultra-thin film of anti-bacterial soap on your hands and a napkin in your back pocket won't take care of.:)

    Oh, did I mention...don't touch your eyes if your hands are dirty.
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    "I wash my hands *before* I touch my dick!"

    Don King

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    I use my elbow to open the bathroom door to exit. :D

  5. If its a push door, I use my foot...if its a pull, I dont know how I would use my elbow to exit.
  6. Okay, lets round it down to 25%. Here's a simple probability puzzle for my ET bros:

    1) What is the chance in Britain that any random handshake consists of both parties having shit on their hands (prior to the handshaking)?

    2) What percentage of handshakes on any given day in Britain are shit free(neither party has shit on his/her hands)?
  7. Sounds like an Optiver test question. :D
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    My last employer opened a plant in England years ago. I heard stories from the guys interviewing job candidates. Apparently bathing everyday isn't normal there. How much "holiday" the received was typically more important to them than their earnings.
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