25k to 1mil in specific period of time...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by amunateg, Oct 17, 2002.

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    There was a thread about a guy stating that he'll make 1mil in a year or so with 25k (something along those lines). Can anybody indicate where the thread is and if contest still on? It must have been at least 6 mos. ago if not more.
  2. lol
  3. Err. That guy just lost $500 today. Not as easy as it looks.
  4. I think you are reffering to Sabena's quest to outperform Larry Williams...
  5. Not sure about the 25k to 1 mil, but I can show you how to turn 1 million into 25 thousand almost overnight :) PM me if you want to know how :p. My system is a can't win, er, I mean can't lose system.
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    If what you says is really true just reverse your method and you'll have it made.
  7. The strange thing is most traders know how to go into a market, join the bid, have it taken out and then have the market go against you 1.5 ES points, reliably! The mind certainly knows how to read the market, but something gets crossed.
  8. every few weeks some newbee will post on elite about how they are going to turn 5k into a million or something like that.so far not one has even made money as far as i can tell.
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    Oh yeah... it was Beating Larry Williams record! I see that Sabena still has another 3 months before checking in. thx.
  10. Sabena informed us that he still is waiting for the es to "mature" into a more liquid market because he does not think it can accomodate his trading size yet...:p
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