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  1. Does anyone have experience with Larry Levin and Secrets of Traders?

    Ironically he has an "intensive mentorship" program called Elite Trader- He is charging 25k to hang out with him on the CME floor during the day and then apparently party all night with his trader buddies at the hottest Chicago night spots.

    Then he will teach you to trade using what appears to be a mod version of VAH/VAL/POC method. Anybody on ET ever use this guy and curious what you got for your 25 grand??
  2. Thanks Newbie, i will check it out
  3. SanCanAn


    I have this course. If you have questions, send me a pm
  4. nycmcse


    I'd like to read about your experiences with Secrets of Traders.
    I'm looking for the best (actionable) educational experience possible trading forex or futures.

    Please add as much detail as you can.

  5. SanCanAn


    My experiences may not be what you are looking for as each person learns differently and uses the gained knowledge to their own style.

    For the right price, I may be willing to sell my course.:)
  7. Floors still exist? :confused: What are these things you call floor traders? So strange and mysterious relics of a indulgent past species.. Binary Solo 00000010000011110001100 !!

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    Actually, a bit more is received.

    Is the glass half full or half empty?
  9. Its a scam.Everything he teaches can be be found in Mind over markets and 10 min candlestick engulfment patterns for less then 50 bucks
    #10     Sep 6, 2008