$2500 Deposit Prop Firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Scalper007, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Is there any firm out there that accepts a $2500 deposit for 100k buying power? The firm has to also accept licenses. I need to hang my 7 somewhere and trade.
  2. If you have your 7 go to RBC capital. They don't even require a deposit, just split the profits.
  3. Hi nyxtrader,

    Whats the link?

    They seem to be a full fledged investment firm that probably require interviews and other formalities. I need to get started immediately. Let me know if I am wrong.

  4. I searched the forums here and it appears that there are a couple of RBC's around. Can't find the right link...

    I read somewhere that the split is 60/40. I would do a 60/40 split only if it's near 0 fees.
  5. Kershner in Austin has zero down plus TT&L! :D
  6. scalper 007 did you blow up? i recall you posting on the p@l board many times over the past couple of years. if you can only put $2500 down then maybe its time to find another career
  7. Be nice! People should be able to share both ups & downs without being attacked & we don't know what happened...could be a situation beyond his control.
  8. No i did not blow up. I found posting there very distracting for myself because of some of the high swingers there(who themselves seem to disappear). I am a person who makes 500-800 a day and seeing some guys make 10 times that everyday(I mean almost every single day!!) disturbed my psychology. So I stopped posting. Too bad I disappointed you. Please answer the Q if u can. I don't need advice to change careers at this point.
  9. Thanks Traderking. I found that same link but there is no word on there about prop trading.
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