2500 AAPL shares

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  1. hi. its my first post .could anyone tell me how i should execute 2500 shares of AAPL i know its a limit order but should i send just 2500 or brake that somehow .im still papertrading but about to do real think.thanks.
  2. That's a lotta shares for a guy fresh outta paper trading; but hey it's your money.

    You won't scare the market in aapl by showing your size.

    Good luck,

  3. You must be worth 20 million to be trading like that fresh off fantasy trades.


    Oh yeah, make sure your heart pills are nearby, if that goes agin ya, you'll need em.
  4. Why do you want to buy aapl now?
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    21,866,341 shares changed hand today. (a bit lower than the 50DMA)

    divided that into 6.5 trading hours, you will have an average of 3.3 million shares per hour. (mind you, you will get less than this during the lunch hour.)

    or 56,067 shares per minute.

    or 934 shares per second.

    your order will take approximately 3 seconds to fill.
  6. maybe he wants to sell, how do we know...and he may be right. if not he'll realise what kida losses u can suffer with a trade of that size gone wrong and will never ever trade more than 50 shares for the rest of his short career.:p
  7. thanks for your sarcasm and for your answers.what i'm think is to do some scalping say at least 15 cents either way.my question is how quick i'm going to be filled.some people saying they send just market order what do u think.
  8. if these are the questions your asking,, i strongly suggest you consider using smaller size to practice, and find out the best way,, by doing it yourself,,, the real deal is far from paper trading,, good luck on your ventures though,,
  9. sorry but u gonna get completely run over if u try to scalp aapl. it's all bots wagin' war against each other and by the time u see a reasonable price to hit it's already gone cuz u can compete againt 1/2mln dollars machines. aapl is riddled with hegde funds cpus and svelte experience scaplers...how so u think u gonna beat em with no experience whatsoever? not even to mention if u are goin' to trade 25lots off the bat u gonna lose your shirt in a couple of days. at least start small 50/100 shares and test a decent strategy.
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    oh my, this is exciting.
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