$250 "Stock Trading Wizard..." by Tony Oz

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ROCK SOLID, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. is this book out of print?
  2. What could possibly make this book worth $250??

    The two more recent books are $47 each.

  3. well rock ol buddy....

    looks like arch put the 'ol hex on your sale
  4. nkhoi


    rock, I like your Bruce Lee quote, a mix of east/west philosophy.
  5. bump for more info, one guy wants over $300 for this book??

    What's up with this book? Does it come with a printing press??hehe

  6. oh yeah! you saw what happened to B.L. didn't you?!! :-/
  7. I believe so??

  8. Guys, go to amazon.com and look at the price. All are in the $200+ range and one is over $300. I didn't come up with the price (totally) out of the blue. I have Tony Oz's other books, too.

  9. TG


    What's the bid? Got a copy here somewhere.
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