250.00 managed FX?

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  1. Surf, I asssume you're being facetious. Wow... unique, I'll say, with a 50% performance fee. (Jim Simons and Stevie Cohen, eat your hearts out.) Incidentally, where is their performance record? Not to mention such other minor details as address or phone number...

    The operation looks to be anything but "legit" (cute)... on the contrary, seems to be illegal, at least with respect to US citizens. Their "Risk Disclosure" and "Safety of Funds Disclosure" are amateur, from-the-hip blurbs with typos and have apparently been written by non-native speakers of English. (Although they claim to be based in Chicago.) In any case, hard to take seriously someone who keeps repeatedly referring to trading P&L as "interest" or even "interest grown on your account."
  2. yes. i just find it intriguing that someone would actually manage accounts as low as $250.00. FX is truly the wild west!

  3. For every 2 "clients" you place long and short orders and 50 pip stops and limits. With margin at 200:1 one account is blown out the other 100% gain, take the 50% ($125.00) performance fee. You lose one client the other is extremely happy with a 50% ($125.00) profit in 1 day and stays in, maybe even gets a friend involved.

    Repeat the long and short trade.
  4. Interbank FX is the dealer they use.

    They claim to be in Chicago and the VP is Peter Rice...Still no address or phone number and live help is a blank white screen today (Saturday).

    surf...how do you find this stuff?

    Michael B.
  5. Who will step up to the plate and risk 250 bucks to test this for us?
  6. leveragefx

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    This is hilarious! Using Legit in their name almost screams the opposite.

    The good news is as MC Hammer says "They're 2 Legit To Quit" so should be around for a long time!


  7. LOL, Electric. It finds me!

    :D :D
  8. Definitely one of the most funny lame scam atepts I have seen in a while.

    ...never trust a financial sit that uses exclamation marks. Any site that uses multiple exclamation marks after a sentence is certainly run by a guy wearing a big red nose and who is called "Bozo".
  9. "The purpose of Legit Investing is to grow to be the largest and most reliable trading company in the world."

    great stuff... funnier than Gin & magic mushrooms
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