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  1. If our entries are not automated, then aren't we all "discretionary" do a degree?

    I'm always looking for "setups", "things"... as simple as a "test of a trendline", or "congestion breakout".
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  2. Is trading the S&Ps harder now than it was 10 or 20 years ago?
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  3. OK.. I like this story :>).

    Years ago, I was working on a computer slide show presentation about market timing. My Ivy League buddy was at my house one day and asked about it. So I tried to explain about how market psychology was displayed in chart patterns.

    He went home and later called me up and suggested I call it G.N.O.M.E.... an acronym for Geometric Norms Of Market Emotion... BRILLIANT! (Guinness beer commercials).

    In folklore, the Gnome was the subterranean dwarf (NOT Troll) who guarded the treasure. I also had a client who was an artist and art teacher... she and her husband loved Gnome figurines... had them all over their house. I asked her to draw me a Gnome character I could use for stationery and business cards... I still have the original pen and ink drawing.

    It all seemed to fit so well... brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it.
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  4. Thanks gnome I like high reliability patterns too under most circumstances. Way to step-up and give back with this Q&A session. In the bigger scheme your insuring your own success for the future.

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  5. In a sense, I think it's more difficult. But that's probably because I have residual concepts clinging to my trading psyche.

    It's absolutely true that the market "changes spots" from time to time. And to succeed over the long haul, you have to adapt your behavior to the changes.... no easy task.
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  6. I didn't expect this amount of response... I don't have enough Fat Tire on hand to cope with all of it... :D
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  7. Did you employ option strategies regularly ? If so, any favorite spreads or structural strategies?
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  8. I see you like to fish.Anywhere you can recommend for some really hot action? Salt or Fresh water.
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  9. I would have guessed it was after the name of the desktop for linux.
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  10. jtnet


    can you post a picture of your trading setup and or screen shot of charts? thanks
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