25 Years & $100 Million Profits... A to your Q's, Today Only

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  1. you are talking about money managers (working with >50M I assume) and 20% is excellent for them. what about those with less capital what is considered excellent return for them?
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  2. are you an individual trader? or money manager? what is your annualized return over 25 years? what markets have you traded? what is your strategy? does it differ from market to market? who is your broker? what are your views on the psychology of trading and the relative importance it plays in your success?
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  3. I think it's the same. You can only make a high return with high risk... that is, either concentrating the position or using leverage.
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  5. Trayo


    Hello Gnome,

    I am curious to know how big a role discretion plays in your trading style. If discretion does play a role, when do you usually use it?

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  6. Congratulations on another successful year Gnome.

    No questions for you, although I do wonder how you decided on your handle.

    I hope you and your family are safe and happy this year and going forward.

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  7. ok.. try #2:

    hire atticus to do it.

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  8. What's your favorite color?
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  9. My guess it's probably green
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  10. Now I'm an individual trader working only with family money. Years ago I ran a program called Gnome LoRisk... mutual fund timing. But as the fund managers came to think of guys like me as a "nuisance" rather than a "source of assets and fees", they kicked us out of trading their funds. I was kicked out of at least 20 mutual fund families.

    I haven't tracked returns for the full 25 years. For the first 18 years, I averaged 41% compounded and had a software package which showed that in "unbelievable" graphic form.... but I ran "out of range" of the software. When I asked them to update the software to accommodate, they said, "what do you mean? We've never heard of such a thing". That was about the time I was getting kicked out of Schwab.

    Your question about "psychology" is too general. Please be more specific.
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