25 Years & $100 Million Profits... A to your Q's, Today Only

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  1. A few years back, I checked out "calculated pivots" and found them to be non-correlative to market behavior... so I've not considered them since.
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  2. 1. Over the year's I've endeavored to simplify.

    2. Same principles apply. Measured risk for potential of significantly greater [perceived, at least] profit.... stops always.

    3. I don't know that I ever had a "turning point"... I was thrust into the responsibility of other people's money by someone else's incompetence, and I'd figured out some basics plays beforehand.
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  3. I take a guess like everyone else... some sign of "significant enough" reversal or try to nail a top at resistance.
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  4. If you are a multi-millionaire why do you have almost 5000 posts @ ET.

    Shouldn't you have better things to do with your time? This is a serious question.
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  5. 1. The only "indicator" I use is the standard Stochastic. Reliance upon it is not heavy.

    2. VIX is good at extremely high values.. and sometimes at extremely low values... but mostly is poorly correlative to trading buys an sells.

    3. Chart Reading... TWO THUMBS UP!!

    4. I don't have any secrets. KISS with stop discipline.
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  6. 1. My initial interest in ET was about hardware. If you care to peruse my posts I'm sure 80% is about video cards and setups.

    2. I only make a couple of trades a day [and often none]... sometimes as many as 5, but I'm not manically buying and selling all day long. I have plenty of time to kill during the trading day. Besides, I don't try to "watch everything"... ET'ers post things they see which they believe might be significant and catch my attention.
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  7. assuming one is a reasonably good trader (not exceptionally good, just reasonably good), how do the profits change as the capital grows?

    is this a reasonable breakdown: 100K capital - 100% yearly return, 1M capital - 50% return, 10M - 30%, 50M - 20%?
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  8. Might I ask for what bar periods you found that to be true? My experience is different.
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  9. With small money, you can trade almost anything. With big money, there are more restrictions, of course.

    Years ago I did a survey of Audited Performance for various classes of 3rd Party money management... Individual Stocks, Mutual Funds, Futures....

    The results were about the same for all classes.. though more volatility for futures.

    <.1% had documented returns of 30%/year for 10 years. You could count on your fingers the number of documented track records of 40% from all classes.

    20% return unleveraged is excellent work.
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  10. I didn't back test... only watched them for about a month. The correlation was low enough that I didn't bother further.

    Every day, somebody would post S1, S2, S3, R1, R2, R3... never rang a bell with me.
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