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  1. I think swing trading is the best overall. Scalping is way too difficult for most. Pair trading is a form of "hedged bet". To have the opportunity to make really good gains, most traders have to make an unhedged bet on direction.
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  2. Thanks, G-nome. The trick was whether or not you felt you could answer candidly. IMO it is very powerful, all the more so because ET don't believe in it. So will they now, because YOU said so, haha?
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  3. Being a believer in simple old-fashioned TA myself, would you kindly render an opinion on pivot retracements on intraday and daily scales?
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  4. how is it so powerful (predictive?) if noone believes it?
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  5. 9999


    Has your methodology changed significantly over the years or do the same principles apply? What was your worst mistake? When was your turning point as a trader?
    Thanks for this opportunity.
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  6. If you are making good money, wife management is not an issue. (My wife is a physician and acknowledges she's in a fog when it comes to financial issues.... in fact, so goes so far as to say, "I never would have married another doctor. I didn't want to be married so someone who knows nothing about money".)

    If you're struggling, having the wife on your case can only add to the difficulty. I don't think I have an answer for this.
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  8. Assuming you let your winners run, how do you know when to sell?
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  9. I don't think I've said much of anything.
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  10. Would you characterize your swing entries as

    1) based in whole or in part on technical indicators of the type that most people think of - some form of MA, ADX, CCI, or any of the other 'popular' indicators

    2) based in whole or in part on those indicators that many noobs don't initially consider like VIX, TRIN, TRIX or on divergences between prices of individual instruments and one or more measures of group performance

    3) based solely on analysis of price action as it's represented in charts - essentially, chart reading

    4) Got to hell, that's the key to my profitability and I'm not about to tell you what it is.
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