25 mins from job data

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    expected job loss around 50k.

    IF we get something in the 6 figures this is going to be some trading day ahead of us.
  2. If we get a positive read it will be the best fireworks show in the country.
  3. we haven't seen a 'acceleration headline number in the reports yet...

    this number could be it...-200,000 jobs..

    there is acceleration at inflections in the macro cycle..
  4. IMO a solid -120k, -150k figure could bring us down far enough below 1240/1250 to get a nice woosh and market panic to build an intermediate term bottom.

    I'd assume a gap up due to a better than expected jobs figure would likely be faded on the open.
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    im thinking -100,000-115,000
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    Job #'s


    unemployment rate 5.5%

  7. Considering the way initial claims have been trending up recently I would be very surprised if that -62k number isn't revised lower.
  8. "inline"
    Yes, it is just coincidence that every month we have serious downward revisions to previous months. Would the market have reacted differently if the exact same numbers that came out today were reported as -114,000 and no revisions?
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