.25 Fed funds rate, .25 Discount rate cut

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  2. as expected ben 'the dog' cut

    wow someone sold a &%$

    time 2 buy any dips will go higer
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    market selling off, but im sure they rally it back up triple digits....
  4. DISENT ATR THE FED!!! One person voted against cut!

  5. I'm not sure if I'm biased, so perhaps some of you unbiased folks (yeah right) can clarify. But after reading the statement, I get the impression the Fed no longer indicated it would cut in the future, but instead signaled "data dependancy".
  6. Buy this dip

    beagle ben did his job

    time 2 buy
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    They are pausing on future rate cuts....

    The bulls don't like that.
  8. same shit. different words.
  9. bBeagle ben will keep cutting if he has to.

    Even if he doesnt cut next time markets will continue to rally well into 2008 without much pause.

    this is very good news
  10. Get past the bulls bears thing for a while and try to understand the market. This is what I meant about biased.
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