24hr chart or 930-415 chart?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stinger, Dec 11, 2008.

24 hr chart or daily chart?

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  1. I use 24 hr chart

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  2. I use daily time chart

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  1. stinger


    I trade the NQ and ES mostly. I was wondering (during reg. normal trading hours), if you use the 24 hr globex chart or the reg. trading hours chart?
  2. Totally depends on what you're trying to accomplish and what type of trading you're doing. Both can work fine.
  3. I'm not much of a futures trader, but in watching the ES throughout the day while trading equities, I'd feel like I was flying blind if I couldn't see overnight highs and lows.

    Just my 1 1/2 cents.
  4. 24 hour for sure, but be aware of the major time events. Asia open, europe open, US Open, US Close, open of the post....any and all are a reason for a sudden regime change......