240 % YTD Return, not possible ?

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  1. Like in the `old days`: Hedge funds rake in up to 60% in July, 240% YTD

    From Reuters.com:

    Some hedge funds were able to post big profits in July, usually by betting on problems in the subprime-mortgage market, the Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site on Thursday. One fund run by Hayman Capital Partners, a Dallas firm that manages more than $500 million, is up 240 percent so far this year, while another is 150 percent higher, the paper reported. The funds gained more than 60 percent in July, the paper said, citing one investor.

    Balestra Capital Partners, a $210 million New York fund, gained about 28 percent in July and is up about 80 percent for the year, after fees, the paper reported. Patrick McMahon, who runs MKP Capital Management LLC that manages $5.5 billion, has five funds that are up between 10 percent and 26 percent so far this year..

  2. The volatilty you see in a return like that, is the volatilty you get.
  3. I adore VOLA...:D :D :D
  4. The "smaller, nimbler, niche" funds can do that.