240% return per year?

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  1. 20% month ROIC
    1.5M starting capital

    end of first year : $3.6M
    end of #2nd: $8.6M
    end of #3rd: $20M
    end of #4th: $49M


    possible? it will be done in this thread. A coolweb always backs his words!
  2. 20% monthly P&L then 890% annually.
  3. #1st mistake I make in this thread, don't know math...
    20% compounded is 890% annual, holy shit!
    You be right.
    I be stupd

  4. Anything is possible, if you work hard enough and probably your self to sickness and death......

    do you really need more than 10M$ ?
    For what?
  5. Love of the game, I want to compete on a world class level and win.
    Money doesn't matter to me,

    I do have 4 houses in 4 diff cities right now, girlfriends in every city
    soon another bodyguard. I spend lots of money on entertainment per month.
    I have a clubbing crew I roll with, we club on a every other night basis, grey goose , bottles and bottles. constant women after us.
    when I walk in the club with my crew, EVERYBODY knows the players just arrived. The feeling is amazing.

    whatever the end goal, I want the glory of the win. The relish of knowing you are 1 in 100 million who made it in the financial game.
    you are fking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    die with no regrets. ever.
  6. gay club...
  7. If it makes you happy, do it.
    Not my way of life anyway.

    Dont you think it could give you more satisfaction to help other people who really have nothing, instead of always playing the cool guy with the big dick and the big money.......dont you get tired of that stupid game...........How do you can handle all this woman ? I am happy if i can handle one woman and dont get crazy because of her.....

    You are a cool guy, so and now --- that is really not everything in life, really not ------- try something new ---

    I think its all about experience. Making tens of millions needs a lot of time, and in that time you have could do something much more better with your life....

    What ever do what you want, you should be old enough...
    (But dont forget you are not alone on this earth and there are always people who are suffering in their lives and would be so happy if someone helps them..., imagine yourself in such an situation.)

    Wish you the best....
  8. I bet you have a small weenie

    I don't care how much $ you have, you're asian, so you have a small weenie.

  9. I came up in business with a $300 loan from capitalone on my brothers creditcard, Staring at mcdonalds $1 menu and not having enough money to buy shit.


    Don't give a fck about poor people, I've been there.
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