24 single looking to go full time into day trading

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    I am 24 single, still live at home with parents. I own my own computer business though the money I get from it is not enough for me to go fulltime into running it. I have an e*trade account and I have a small amount of stock in Intel AMD, GE, WOR, BAC, and MDRNA and by small i mean like 10-20 shares in them 40 in GE enrolled in a DRIP. I have seen all the stocks I have purchased go down from the price I paid for them. I have signed up for an account with http://www.treasurydirect.gov/tdhome.htm but have no money in it yet.

    I am in the process of learning options and I am having a difficult time learning it sort of I mean I understand it somewhat but I just find some of the things confusing.
    I have been to Investopedia.com and http://education.optionseducation.org/.

    I think I really want to go into day trading, I dont have much saved up aside from the amount of money I have been putting from my paychecks at my day job into my e*trade account usually $200-$300 every two weeks.

    So my question is should I go into it, should I stick to what I am doing? Any guides you can provide me with or advice on what I should do?
  2. get an education then try to trade so you have something to fall back on.
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    I agree. I went back to school at 22 and it was the best decision I've ever made. I finished my bachelors in 2.5 years and I'm now pursuing a masters in accountancy. If trading doesn't work out for me, I could always get a gubment job to fall back on.

    At 24, you're considered independent and will qualify for financial aid and federal loans. The $200-300/week that you've been earning simply isn't enough to provide a good cushion. You need at least $25k.
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    I make around $36,000/year $18/hr. $200-$300 is what I have been putting in my e*trade account. Iam seriously considering going back to school College that is.
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    I am single and I do still live at home with parents, I mention above what I am making, I went to a Technical school after High School, so I have some education but it was for Computers. I was thinking of going back to school for either business or Information Systems but I am not sure yet. Do I still qualify as an independent for financial aid?
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    At your age you can't go wrong with going back to college if, you don't you will regret it later.
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    I keep on contemplating if it is a waste of time or not for me I will seriously consider going to college I see no other way out of these jobs. I thought of college as a waste of money but you guys are showing me that it really isn't. So I ask you this should I go to college or should a go to a school for learning stocks and the such?

    At some point in your life it will bite you in the ass and you will not get a position over someone who has a degree.

    ***Do what YOU believe in, and DO NOT listen to the horseshit on this message board.***

    Trading is not going anywhere and will always be there.
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    What is stopping you from taking your computer business to the next level?
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    At age 24 you're automatically considered independent no matter what your financial or housing situation is. You'll also qualify for FAFSA loans.
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