24" Monitors on Nvidia Quadro NVS 285's?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. I was reading a Newegg review of a 24" Planar where he said, "takes one heck of a video card to run it"...

    Anybody running 2 x 24"ers on NVS 285 PCIEx16? Runs well, no problems?

  2. nvidia 8600gt, 2x 2560x1600
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  4. That quote might be in reference to needing a high end card to run games at the monitor's full resolution.
  5. you can use nvidia fx5200 to drive your 2 monitors... 24 is not big and its screen resolution(1920x1200) has been supported for years
  6. I don't want to use lowly fx5200's (or 8800GT's, either). 1920x1200 is the limit of DVI support on the 285's... I was just wondering if 24"ers ran well or had problems. 285's are perfect @ 1600x1200.
  7. you're going to run 4 screens? why dont u just get a motherboard & 2 pci express cards?
  8. hi gnome, could you share what are the advantages of NVS285 over a lower end gaming card like 8600 with dual DVI output ?
    Seems to me that the 8600 is a lot cheaper...

  9. lol, lower end gaming card

    nvs285 is PCI-e x1

    most pci express cards are x16.

    16times performance by a function of the bus speed

  10. Perhaps no significant display difference... but workstation cards (1) are passively cooled.. no noisy, cheesy fans (2) are built to last, and (3) are cheap, if bought used...

    If your machine is for non-gaming, then workstation cards are a great choice. If you want "gaming + other", then you need the horsepower/heat/noisy fans of a gaming card.
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