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  1. Well I'm really getting serious about getting a new 24" for my trading rig. It looks like I can get either a Samsung 245BW or a Dell 24" (non ultra) at the local Costco. These are both TN panels.

    The Dell is $379 and the Samsung is $399. Anyone think one here is better than the other? I know they are both TN panels but they both get good remarks.

    It looks like there is also a Soyo deal still going on for around $299 (maybe less w/coupon). Anyone have these? The thing I like about both the dell and samsung is the 3 year warrenty and costco's excellent return policy... Ideally I'd like to stick around the $300 area (because I'm cheap, lol) but it's not a dealbreaker.

    Please enlighten me :)

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    Samsung has a brand new 24" model out...This is why you are seeing the 24" model you posted being sold lower..

    The new 24" has DVI ands HDMI and the monitor is simply stunning. I bought mine from Best Buy and got it for $449.00 about a month ago and the clerks at Best Buy were not even familiar yet with this new model. But the first shipment had just arrived. I would suggest checking different places for the best price but be sure it is the brand new model.

    The new 24" Samsung is Model # 2493HM

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    I own 2 Samsung 245BW's. They work perfect for me. I have 2 Nvidia Quadro FX 540's so the clarity shows up real nice on this monitor.

    I don't know anything about the Dell, but I'm sure that's good too.
  4. You would think the price on the outgoing Samsung 245bw would drop even more if you were able to buy the new model for $449. Hopefully they lower the price here soon:)
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    I've got 3 of the Samsung 24BWs and they work great. The monitor is very bright, I had to turn down the default setting to aviod getting a headache, but with the setting down a little the monitor is perfect. All I do is trading, internet, and MS office aps on the computer, but for these aps I can't see how a more expensive monitor would do a better job. I have the monitors running on old low end Nvdia PCI cards and they still work great for everything I use them for.
  6. I saw this monitor the other day. It is very nice and has WAY better viewing angle than TN panels.
  7. FWIW, I just bought three 22 inch Acers from OfficeDepot that I like. $229 on sale.

    I have two poles that hold four monitors each on my desk and for me the 22 inch size was as big as I could go. (I was about to buy 24s also but they would not fit)

    Best to you
  8. According to BB's spec list, it has a TN panel.
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