24 in Dell 2407WFP Ultrasharp

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by crazy_trader, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Does anyone owned one of this LCD? Does it support 220-240v if bought from US DELL site? Thanks for the information.
  2. Try Acer 24 inch. Cheaper ($500), 110-220 is supported and looks great.
  3. Ok, will look into Acer as well.
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    Gateway 21" inch is the best and most affordable!

    Dell 24 is good but a waste of cash at this point!!!
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    I got mine a couple of days ago, but I bought it in Europe. On the rear it says "100-240V", so I would assume your question is answered. Maybe to be sure you can ask Dell.
    It is, by the way, a very good monitor. I would recommend it.
  7. Thanks. Will wait for DELL promotion.
  8. dell 24" is arguably the best monitor available..

  9. Not to rain on your parade, but what exactly makes it the best???? Surely it is not the price which is $600 to 680 PLUS tax which adds another $50 to the price.
    How is it better than 24" Acer? Provided it is used for trading.

    Btw. Acer 24" is available for $458 shipping included and tax free. That is around $200 less than Dell.
  10. Acer has TN Panel. Dell has S-PVA. Worth the difference in price?
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