24 hr - all day automated futures trading

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by heech, May 23, 2009.

  1. heech



    I'm wondering if anyone would be able to share some general advice for 24/5 automated trading (electronic futures). I need to trade 24/5 because I'm hedging my position dynamically all the time, and ANY down-time at all is potentially risky (if the market moves significantly).

    I'm considering going down this route, and would probably be using NT. I'm just curious if anyone has any insights on special challenges, obstacles.

    I've used IB so far, but I'm thinking that it's probably not an option for 24 hour trading... it has the daily end-of-day maintenance period and shut-down. Right? I've heard Mirus futures, for one, doesn't have that problem.. so would probably explore that further.
  2. travis


    It seems a very broad question. I do 24/5 hour trading, but could you be more specific? Also, I would note that for futures it could be called "24/6" since they open again (at least the Globex) on Sunday afternoon.
  3. automatic trading will vanish ur account at night session
  4. rosy2


    how can you cover commisions this way?