24-Hour Sweaty People

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  1. Very funny article...


    Well, perhaps not everyone does. The value of spending a full day inside a gym is that it gives one the opportunity to survey a rich gallery of human types: the male gymbots with their proud bosoms and stick legs, the flesh mountains, the solitary ponytailed hippie who passes hours leisurely pedaling a recumbent bike while meandering through "Within a Budding Grove," the aging rockers with taut bodies and faces like Salvador Dalí clocks, the young men and women — New York University students, at a guess — in the first flush of adulthood, their flesh firm, their carriages still limber because the ravages of serial hangover, student loan terror and mortgage payments for closet size co-ops have not yet made inroads on their faces and physiques.
  2. There are the ramen-thin fashion models, perennially in the company of a personal trainer, a kind of duenna always struggling to spark tiny model brains long enough for them to hoist toy weights and pump out a few effortful curls.

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    There was some comedian who remarked on the 24 hour gym saying "Christ, I can barely drag my fat ass out of bed to take a piss at 3 in the morning." or something like that.