24 Beers a day for 8 Years!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bsulli, May 18, 2006.

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  3. I hope this individual invested in some air fresheners. I would imagine 8 yr old beer/ backwash probably doesn't have the freshest scent.
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    Doesn't sound like there would've much do re mi left for those luxuries. The breaking of Coors induced gastrointentinal wind fortified with chips 'n dip probably offered his only change in aroma therupy.
  5. And yet he was "the perfect tenant" and now "back on his feet in his old job". Surreal.
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    Now that it's public that he quit drinking, be prepared for a pullback on the Coors chart.
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    I had a buddy that used to self these little refigerators just big enough to hold a keg of beer. He sold them mostly to retired army guys, many who had spent time in Germany. He said some of them regularly consumed 1-2 cases of beer a day and it was a lot cheaper to just buy it buy the keg. Anyway, beer is a food group. :D
  8. I used to work with a guy who regularly consumed at least a case of beer a day. The whole time that I knew him, he had this odd yellowish tinge to his skin. Finally he went to the doctor about something and found out he had cirosis of the liver.
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    Early in my career I had to deal with a guy at work for getting purchase orders approved. His nickname was "Beefeater" because that is what he kept a large bottle of in his deskdraw. If you needed something approved better have gotten it done before lunch because when he got back you could forget it. You would see a steady stream of people in his cube around 11am! We all knew.

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    I worked with an older cuban man laying rugs when i was like 15-16....this guy would bring a cooler to work with what i believe was some cheap-ass brew...I think it was called piels like 2.50 a six pack back then. He would consume 12 beers throughout the day while working on the floor laying carpet..when it was lunch time he wouldnt even eat a cracker...id say i saw him do this for 1 year before i moved on...The guy was the best employee and worked twice as fast as anyone else..and he wasnt even drunk...crazy i tell ya...
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