24" Acer LCD?

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  1. Just inquiring if anyone here uses a 24" acer lcd for trading? Office Depot has them on sale this week for under $300. I know it's a nasty TN panel (LOL) with bad viewing angles, etc. But I'm just wondering if this would work okay for trading?

    I currently am running (3) 19" LCD's (all tn panels)...

  2. It's a good monitor for the money.

    Nothing wrong with TN panels for trading.

    Go get a few!
  3. why wouldn't it ? if you can live with the text will work out fine.
  4. Are you intending to use just one, or dual?

    I just bought 2 Acer 19" wide screens for my back-up trading station. $128/per out the door. Staples had them on sale for $149.98 and I had two $30 coupons :D Any way, the viewing angle I think can be a concern if using duals, both horizontally and vertically. Its OK, but no comparison to my 19" Planar PX191s.
  5. I've got a 22" Acer for trading and I like it just fine.
    My 17" Samsung is my second screen, and it works great too.
    I found it on the side of the road. Literally!
  6. I got one of these this week, but I'm taking it back tomorrow. It has 3 dead pixels and the backlight brightness is not even across the monitor... the lower right hand corner is brighter than the rest of the monitor (no, it's not a viewing angle thing either).

    I'm crossing my fingers and ordered one of the V7 24" monitors from Staples for $350. Hopefully it will be better than the Acer.
  7. Works good for me. I've had no problems with mine.
    I only use the one screen.
  8. I've heard that the viewing angle is not that great and may be a problem. Also heard that the screen is overly bright? I would plan on using one of these along with probably (1) of my 19."

    I guess maybe I'll have to buy one and see? I was also tossing around the idea of a 22" but you get quite a bit more real estate with the 24..

    Decisions, decisions:)

  9. I was able to sharpen the text on my Samsungs through the graphics card menu (ATI). Changed the refresh to 75hz, not sure if it made the difference
  10. Best Buy has a 28" Hanns-G for $539. Bloody thing is huge, for less than half the price of a 30".

    I know this is a little off topic, but if its real estate you want...

    I'm not sure about this, but if the resolution is the same as a 24" (which it is), do you actually get more stuff on it, or is the stuff just larger? 30 inch screens have much higher res which is why I think they are so expensive.
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