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  1. So how are individuals handling trading various markets globally 24/7. Wondering if there is a business that monitors trades around the clock for individuals.

    Big trading companies with many employees were still a struggle to prevent the occasional catastrophe. It seems it would be even worst for individuals to monitor.
  2. Most of the large banks will pass the customer book - electronically - with the markets opening/closing.
  3. right - i am wondering about the traders side of it, say i'm in several markets and need to sleep or something frivolous like that lol. i was thinking i would really need some staff but who would you hire. call up a head hunter and try to explain you need a market monitor?
  4. Try Lupo in Chicago - I think they run 24 hours - consider paying them to monitor if they'll do it.
  5. thanks i was thinking something small and low key like a traders co-op or something like that where i would not have to give them the clearing business to obtain some client services.

    in the old days at companies i traded for we had all sorts of freebie monitoring globally, but we were giving them the execution business. so it really wasn't free and we got front run sometimes. now days i just don't want to go back into that whole trap, wanna stay low.
  6. I'd give Lupo a listen - a lot will depend on what you trade other than Globex and ICE. Account size/volume can also be an issue
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    KISS. how about closing your positions before you go to to sleep. how about setting up price alerts with loud beeps to wake you up.
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  8. If you wanna stay low you need a co-op.I have the same problem, i trade reversals and monitor 16 hours a day, but even that is not enough.Sometimes i take a stupid loss i would`ve taken if i didn`t sleep.
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  9. haha, and turn yourself into a zombie
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    you and OP mark brown are in different times zones. why don't you make a deal?
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