24/6 stable internet for Forex

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Pentaquark, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm doing my first cautious steps in automated trading and am close to finishing my first automated trading strategy. It trades Forex on a 24/6 basis on a short timeframe.
    Anyone out there with experience how the internet infrastructure needs to look that the risk for a lost connection is minimal? (2 providers, Modem X, etc.)

    Thanks for your replys!
  2. Hi Pentaquark, congrats on your automated trading strategy.

    I highly recommend that you consider running any robot traders from within a datacenter. This could be a dedicated server that you have co-located with a professional datacenter (more expensive) or as simple as a virtual private server (Google for "VPS") ... the key is the have your robot running from within the datacenter.

    A professional datacenter gives you a huge pipeline of redundant internet bandwidth. Also, they typically have redundant power as well.

    I've seen some VPS accounts for as low as about $30/month.

    Btw, if you use a service like Tradency, then you don't need to worry about all this. Tradency handles the execution within their datacenter, and your computer does not need to stay online.

  3. kellar


    I agree: don't use your internet to auto-trade the dog can eat the cable :D
  4. Could you explain step by step, how to place MT4 expert advisor to a VPS.

    I thought MT4's EA is tobe placed wit MT4, not VPS.

    ah well I'm confused. HELP :eek:

  5. VPS is basically same thing as connecting to your work computer from home. Windows comes with all the necessary programs to connect to a VPS. You just connect to it and you see the task bar. It's pretty straight forward from there on.

    When looking at VPS for trading, don't cheap out. Some lack security and are easily hacked.