235 MPG Car...not a hybrid or electric! Runs on regular gas.

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    Great idea but, with all soccer moms in suvs currently killing every motorcyclist they can, I fear they will turn their eyes to this car and attack. :(
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    1-Liter Car Speculative Pricing

    Rumors put the price at anywhere between "20,000 to 30,000 Euros (about $31,750 to $47,622)".
  4. No kidding! They've been on a binge around us going after cycles. A lady arguing with her husband in the car, forgot she was driving and nailed a guy over the retaining wall, killing him a couple weeks ago_One of a few lately.
  5. Based on what I see, the rear seating area could be modified as follows;

    The rear canopy opened to allow an automatic weapon or machine gun mount.

    The rear passenger would then effectively be a "tailgunner"

    I don't think anyone would mess with you then.

    Problem solved


    You know the more I think about it, a nice telescoping mount could be installed so that when a hummer or other big vehicle advanced on your ass, you could activate the telescoping mount and the other driver would see an automatic weapon "elevate" and aim right about eye level....yah that would get their attention:D
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    You are a braver man than I. I would not ride a bike around. I hear horror stories of those landscape attachments on pickups. That plus the lead footed suv soccer moms is just too much.

    This is a nice car though, I bet it will sell.
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    No less dangerous than the Smart Car:



    You don't see many of these cars here but in Europe, they are plentiful.

    This new car won't sell to the fat Americans because they can't fit into it in the first place. Europe will probably be the major market initially for this vehicle.
  8. No problem. I'm prepared for them with this puppy.

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