23" samsung lcd

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with this new 23" Samsung lcd monitor that recently came out?

    Whats interesting is that it does 2048 x 1152. Costco is going to have this on Black Friday for $260 with coupon. Seems like a good deal (tn panel) for a good name brand monitor.


    I wonder if most newer video cards support 2048 x 1152?

  2. Newegg.com will sell you 24" any time of a day for around $300.
    the resolution being 1900x 1200 more than enough to watch the market all day long.
  3. I currently have (1) 24" LCD (cheap Soyo one) and I'm looking add another large monitor for my charting (using 19" for charting currently). I just thought this 23" sounded interesting (especially with the Costco return policy and 3 year warranty)...

  4. That kind of real estate for that kind of price ..... priceless.
  5. Well I made a trip to my local Costco last weekend and was able to see (2) 24" Samsungs on display (both $279) and the new 23" Samsung for $259. They all looked pretty good to me. I guess Costco is phasing out an older 24" Samsung model (thus they had (2) different one's on display). I'm still undecided as to what I'm going to do.

    I like the idea of the (3) year warranty that Samsung, Acer and Dell offer. My goal is to pick one up for around $200 (new, not refurb) so I may have to wait a little longer...

  6. I've had a 24" Samsung for a few months now. Love it. Much better than the Acer's I also have.
  7. Tresor


    I also interested in this new Samsung monitor beacuse of the price and most importantly I can have charts wider by additional 128 pixels.

    Could someone please explain one thing to me:

    1. This monitor has a DVI-D connection.
    2. This monitor's resolution is 2,048x1,152 = 2,359,296
    3. Max resolution supported by DVI-D is 1920x1200 = 2,304,000

    Would this mean that DVI-D in this monitor can handle ''additional'' 55,296 pixels?

    I appologise if this question seems ignorant. I am no expert on computers.

  8. According to the reviews, at least one person did get it to function at maximum res of 2048x1152 using a single-link DVI cable - even though it is slightly beyond the rated specs of single-link.

    Another reviewer had trouble with getting that resolution via DVI with their video card, but got it working with anlogue VGA.

    I guess with Costco's return policy it may be worth a try, but such an unusual resolution is bound to cause issues for many users.
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