$23.5B boost seen for Japan stock market

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wirelessbull, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Babak


    Wow! The PPT, Japanese style. It reminds me of a similar fund set up in Hong Kong (it actually made some money for the gov't). But it really is incredible how much the Japanese culture demands face saving (at whatever cost).
  2. unbelievable that a country that done so much so quickly can't realise the inadequacies of its antiquated culture..

    if the japs keep it up 20th century japan is gonna turn out to be a bigger has-been then 19th century britain or 16th century spain..
  3. Babak


    daniel, actually it is my belief that the Japanese culture had an infinitessimally small amount to do with their success.

    What launched them onto economic success was Deming and his scientific approach to quality, land reform, tax reform, and labour laws as well as a lack of military (non-value added drain on economy), etc.

    Surprisingly all of the contributions came from one source: US!!

    (the US was not motivated by benevolence but needed a democratic/capitalist friend close to communist China/N.Korea)